South African Open Dance Championships™ ONLINE


The prestigious South African Open Dance Championships™ is staged annually by the South African Dance Foundation and is a fully inclusive dance event, Open to the World, allowing all dancers, regardless of Affiliation, to participate on the basis of their freedom of association and freedom of expression.

The Championship is the apex selection event for couples who officially represent South Africa at World Dance Council (WDC) World Championships and WDC Amateur League Championships.

The Championship attracts competitors and spectators from all over South Africa including our neighbouring states – Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and from across the World. 

The onset of COVID-19 necessitated the South African Dance Foundation to identify capabilities to transition to a digitally enabled dance business. The South African Open Championships is fully ONLINE this year for the FIRST time and will attract national and international attention across all media channels.

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Our Mission

Our Mission & Objectives


Without in any manner limiting the main and secondary objectives of the Association, the Association has expressed the vision to be: “One powerful and pro active voice representing all forms of dance in South Africa, able to interact with financial partners and the larger world of dance, to create an enabling environment for the development of dance at all levels and the success of every individual on the national and international stage”


Association’s main objectives are to advance dance as a performing art and sport in the Republic of South Africa and to regulate all matters relating to dance such as is from time to time determined in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association.

The organization’s secondary objectives will be to collaborate and actively seek affiliation with similar organizations nationally and internationally in the furtherance of dance a performing art and sport, mainly through the arts and culture (DAC) and sport and recreation (SRSA) organs.


Office No 18 NWDC Small Industries DP Kgotleng Street, Montshioa, 2747 North West Province, South Africa

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Mobile: +27 82 928 3103